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2019 Elders Emeritus
Elders Emeritus 2019

Helen Devine (Organist) retirement
Organist Retirement 2018

Dr Buick's Retirement
Dr Buick's Retirement 2018 

Mr & Mrs John Burke's retirement from WFO Secretary
Retirement of WFO Secretary 2016

Lindsay Presentation
175th Anniversary Service 2013

Treasurer Retirement
Retirement of Treasurer 2009 

Secretary Retirement
Retirement of Secretary 2005

Rev Buick Installation
Installation of Rev Dr Buick 2002

Rev Teeney Installation
Installation Rev Teeney 1998

Concluding Service of
Rev Graham's Ministry
Dec 1996

Re-dedication of Church 1993

Rev Graham 25 yrs Service 1990

150th Anniversary 1988 - Morning

150th Anniversary 1988 - Evening

Baptism of Triplets - 1987

Ethel Donnell Presentation
Presentation to Ethel Donnell 1987

John Dixon Presentation
Presentation to Mr John Dixon

Rev Graham Celebrates 25 years
in the Ministry1983

Organist 25 yrs Service 1980

Centenary Celebrations 1979

Organ Re-Dedication 1977

Sabbath School

Installation Rev Graham - 1965

Robes presented to Minister - 1965

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