by Lily Temple

Where the two hands reach out to each other,
At the end of the bridge o'er the Foyle, 
Stands a beautiful Christian Church building,
Where the Lord reaches out to us all. 
It's open each Sabbath for worship, 
From half past eleven A. M. 
And if you've got any young children, 
Our Sunday School starts at half ten. 

So fear not to enter its portals, 
And take a soft seat in a pew, 
To the welcoming smile of an elder, 
Who'll hand you a Hymnbook, or two. 
For inside, you'll hear lovely music, 
As Helen our organist plays. 
And a choir that sounds straight from high Heaven, 
Will then enter, to lead us in praise. 

God's presence is sensed all around us,
From the scent of the floral display, 
To the hearts of the faithful who love him, 
And who turn up on each Sabbath Day. 
He's there as we bow down before Him, 
In prayer and repentance for sin, 
And He's there as we lift up our voices, 
To praise Him with Psalm and with Hymn. 

From the pulpit, you'll hear Dr Buick. 
God's agent proclaiming the Truth. 
His sermons are very uplifting,
And his singing upraises the roof.
And as God reaches out from all angles, 
Through preaching, through prayer. Psalm and Hymn, 
That message is one of Salvation, 
To all who would reach out to Him. 

So, whether you're nine, or you're ninety, 
You'll find you're a most welcome guest. 
And you won't leave without a warm handshake, 
And a cheerie "Good Morning-God Bless". 
So please come along on next Sunday. 
That hour will be well worth your while, 
Where the two hands reach out to each other,
At the end of the bridge o'er the Foyle.