The War Memorial Organ

"Name of All Majesty" played on the Organ

Memorial organ

The War Memorial Organ built by Messrs. Evans & Barr of Belfast was dedicated on 24th April, 1922 by the Rev.D. S. Corkey, B.A., M.C. the Guest Organist being Mr. R. Winnington, A.R.C.O., Belfast.

The introduction of a Pipe Organ was to perpetuate the memory of those who fought and died and those who served in the First World War.

After over fifty years of service the pneumatic action showed signs of wear, and coupled to this, serious structural defects had developed in the main soundboards which made the rebuilding of the Organ imperative.

The work of rebuilding the Organ was entrusted to the Wells-Kennedy Partnership of Lisburn who manufactured new slider soundboards in mahogany employing modern electric action and specialised construction to withstand temperature and humidity fluctuations.

The original console was remodelled with all electric action incorporating new keyboards, drawstops and pedalboard to standard dimensions. The opportunity was taken to revise the tonal scheme on classical principles in order to provide a more versatile musical instrument both for the accompaniment of congregational singing and for the interpretation of the organ repertoire. The scheme was drawn up by the Organ Consultant, Mr. C. J. Gordon-Wells, F.I.S.O.B., M.I.M.I.T.

On Sunday 20th November 1977, the then Moderator of The General Assembly, Rt. Rev. T. A. Patterson, B.A., D.D. Re-Dedicated the memorial Organ at a special Service, when Mr James Moore, F.T.C.L., A.R.C.O. was the guest Organist and Mr William Loughlin (Bass) was the guest Soloist.

The present specification has 24 speaking stops, comprising 1,332 pipes in all, an increase of 286 pipes on the original organ.

Organ console







  1. Lieblich Bourdon

16 ft.


  1. Open Diapason

16 ft.

  2. Open Diapason

  8 ft.


  2. Bourdon 16

16 ft.

  3. Stopped Diapason

  8 ft.


  3. Octave

  8 ft.

  4. Principal

  4 ft.


  4. Bass Flute

  8 ft.

  5. Wald Flute

  4 ft.


  5. Fifteenth

  4 ft.

  6. Fifteenth

  2 ft.


  6. Twenty-Second

  2 ft.

  7. Mixture 19.22.26.

 III rks.


  7. Posaune

16 ft.

  8. Trumpet

  8 ft.














  1. Salicional

  8 ft


Great to Pedal


  2. Lieblich Gedackt

  8 ft.


Swell to Pedal


  3. Vox Angelica

  8 ft. (T.C.)


Swell to Great


  4. Gemshorn

  4 ft.


Swell Octave


  5. Flautina

  2 ft.




  6. Larigot

1 1/3ft.




  7. Sharp Mixture 26.29.33.

 III rks.




  8. Contra Oboe

16 ft.




  9. Trumpet

 8 ft.




10. Tremulant





Swell & Pedal Stops

Couplers & Great Stops

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